Burger King Behind The Scenes | iKraal


A live action event involving a monster truck, a live audience, car crushing, and a dwarf. Clearly this wasn’t going to be your run of the mill production, and all of this for a huge international brand. Burger King South Africa’s first foray into TV Commercials in South Africa would be just this. A recent account win for The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town and we were set the task of pulling this all together for a guerrilla style ambush marketing activation set to take place at one of their stores in JHB.
Initially shot as an online content piece and release online it was later decided to cut a 30sec TVC version of the action for broadcast.
With out a doubt the biggest concern for team was always safety and as a result we spent a huge amount of time and effort ensuring the appropriate measures where in place for crowd cast and crew safety at all times. With any stunt orientated project there will always be a degree of risk but we look to mitigate this risk as much as possible.
For cameras we made a point to over shoot this. It was going to literally be one take  for the action side of things so we couldn’t afford to rely on a hand full of cameras to catch all the action as well as the audience / crowd reactions. At the same time we are wanted our crew to be as inconspicuous as was possible. We knew we’d never be invisible but a camera man with a compact rig was going to be much better in store than some of the bigger options – which we reserved for the outside action that we knew we wanted shot at higher frame rates.
Final count on the day was:
2 FS7
4 DSL rigs
4 GoPros
1 Osmo
1 C100