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Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production is now more in demand than ever before. Gone are the days when a simple brochure or powerpoint document is enough to promote your business.

Aside from the more tradition presentation and brochure inclusion uses, the internet has created a whole new market as well as customer type that consumes huge amounts of information in the way of online or viral videos.

For search optimization web based corporate videos have boosted search relevant and google ranking. This is most plainly seen with googles integration of videos into every google search, and while corporates scramble to get a video produced the top spots on google search up for grabs to anyone with relevant video content.

Video production for corporates usually involves quite a long pre production and scripting process at first. It’s important to understand the objectives of your corporate video as well as to clearly define the target market.

Depending on the final story board film crews can be scaled to fit the demands of the project whilst keeping the budget as economical as possible.

Typically corporate videos are shot in either HDV or ideally HD. Our Camera of choice is usually the Sony EX HD Camera which is able to shoot in Full HD 1080p as well as in 720p in slow motion using variable frame rates. Although HD is often regarded as overkill by clients with the launch of youtube HD and similar platforms it makes sense to capture your video footage in beautiful High Definition as it can always be down converted afterwards to less superior video formats.

The post production and editing process is just about always the most time consuming part of any video production. Logging of footage, music searches, graphic and title planning as well as editing style are aspects of the post production process.

Once the initial style of animations and motion graphics are agreed on the motion graphic artists work closely with the video editor to establish how graphics best fit into the video edits. From there time is spent on illustrations, 3D Graphics, Maya, and Adobe After Effects.

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