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Fifa / Hyundai Fan of the Match

Fifa / Hyundai Fan of the Match – With Fifa World Cup fever finally over we take a quick look at one of the video production projects we had running during the course of the Fifa World Cup.

Tapeless work flows showed their real strength in a month long project at the Cape Town Stadium. On Match days we where stationed at the stadium to capture the “Hyundai Fan of the Match”.

Basically fans where encouraged to give a shout out/message to their teams in from of camera. We then edited these into a pre composed final cut timeline and the the winning video was then flighted on the stadium screens at half time.

Tapeless work flows with the Sony EX3 video camera proved invaluable as we shot, edited and delivered in the space of a few hours.

For ingest the broadcast unit at the stadium required HDSDI input so we learnt a little trick with final cut and the ex. Its possible to export back onto your SXS card and play your edits back through the camera (thus giving you full HDSDI output) via the BNC connector at the back.

It sounds complicated but in reality it was an incredibly smooth process and resulted in 100% delivery success for the duration of the tournament.

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