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Breaking News at iKraal is the soft launch of a new division within iKraal called “Virology”.

Virology is the newest and possibly the most exciting divsion of iKraal. iKraal Virology is a division who’s soul focus is on viral and web based video. From the funny and frivioulus to the corporate web based videos right through to web based “TV” and mobile phone video, Virology is the place for you.

Viral video has already proved it’s self on local and international markets as a highly effective method of cutting through the clutter by delivering video that users want to watch, as well as content that they want to tell everyone around them about. In most cases a video will reach many more viewers that where ever possible through more traditional channels.

Virology is prided in great production value in both cost and picture as well as the lighting fast turn around times which are so important for many web based deliveries.

If you’ve ever considered a weekly web based TV show, a series of funny viral video’s for email, mobile or http:// delivery if is now possible with iKraal Virology.

Virology benefits completely from the knowledge, support and technical base of iKraal, but tailored in a more cost effective and dynamic way.

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